History of Britain in the Early Middle Ages Exercise Workbook

History of Britain in the Early Middle Ages Exercise Workbook
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This book is a linguistic and cultural guide that introduces students to the historical facts, economic history and other aspects of life in Britain in the Early Middle Ages after the Norman Conquest. The distinctive feature of this book is that along with texts with questions, most of the learning materials on economic and social history of Britain are presented in the format of various lexical-grammatical exercises such as gap-filling, multiple choice, word-building, crosswords, quizzes, etc. The variety of the exercises contributes not only to the development of the readers knowledge of the exciting period in British history, but to the enrichment of their vocabulary and developing their linguistic competence as well. The contents are based on the authentic text materials from public Internet sources. Its target readership is school pupils with in-depth study of the English language, participants of the various Olympiads and contests, high school L2 and History students and anybody interested in the history of Britain and learning English. The workbook contains a comprehensive, student-friendly answer key which makes it possible to use it both for classroom work under the teachers supervision and for self-study.

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