Electoral processes in modern Europe: trends and prospects

Electoral processes in modern Europe: trends and prospects
Библиографическое описание

The publication presents the author's point of view on the electoral is-sues of modern Europe (with an emphasis on France and Austria), including consideration of both theoretical and practical issues, for example, how to con-sider elections in a pandemic (for example, Slovakia and Poland). One of the chapters is devoted to the analysis of topical issues on the election agenda of the European Union countries (migration, ecology, etc.). The final chapter is devoted to the gender policy of the European Union; a parallel is drawn with the corre-sponding policy in Russia. Presented are the results of the author's research us-ing Celebrium Labs neurotechnologies.
The book is of interest to a broad readership, including candidates for political office, electoral campaign managers, party leaders, students studying in the areas of "Political Science", "International Relations", "Foreign Policy Studies", etc.