Organization and promotion of enterprises innovation activity

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The development of innovative activities of enterprises is one of the most important competitive advantages of economic entities. The early phase of the innovation process, when information becomes the dominant economic de-velopment, becomes crucial in organizing and stimulating the innovation activity of enterprises, and the means of communicative interaction form the core of the basic innovation development.
The monograph in an accessible form outlines the methodological ap-proaches to the formation of a system of organization and stimulation of the in-novation activities of small and medium-sized businesses, aimed at ensuring a ra-tional strategy for their development.
Special attention is paid to the economic mechanisms for stimulating the innovation activity of enterprises, as well as to the forms and methods of in-creasing innovation activity in small and medium-sized enterprises.
For university students enrolled in the areas of training "Management", "Economics", master's programs, graduate students, applicants and teachers of universities, heads of state and municipal institutions.

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